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it over here instead it makes the other mod's description easier to read and follow along with being able to find this mod akronymer brukt på dating-nettsteder more easily. Plus with all mods regardless of their type, you have to test it, test test test over and over just to make sure you have all your codes in a row. The percentage is in the title of the package. Locations Include: -Let me know if I missed any! Russian Federation, Omsk, romania, russian Federation, israel, russian Federation, czech Republic, Praha.

woohoo datingside

Woohoo safely no longer!
Now when your sims woohoo there will be a chance of pregnancy!
ALL woohoo spots are included.

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Romania, russian Federation, Moscow, ukraine, Sumy, ukraine, ecuador, Esmeraldas, russian Federation, Pervouralsk, ukraine, Kiev. For example: Out of 3 generations, I had 2 sims who apparently didn't care if they "accidently" got pregnant by their lack of protection usage while my 3rd sim was very careful and never got pregnant by accident with Woohoo. Leaf Pile Lighthouse Tent Telescope Steam Room Bed Coffin Closet Rocket ship Hot tub Bat Bush Try For Baby Chances This changes the percentage a sim will start out with on fertility as a baby. Hurtig oprettelse og nem framelding. Depending on how the sims life goes will start to shape their fertility as a teen to an adult. Change Log: 2/27/18, patch 2/22/18: Patch added new categories for the new Jungle Adventure Pack. It doesn't cause it to break but it will override the percents. Percentages: -Only choose ONE 1 Chance 2 Chance 3 Chance 4 Chance 5 Chance 10 Chance 15 Chance 20 Chance 25 Chance 30 Chance Traits Used along with my reasoning for using them: Some of these traits will increase the percentage and some of these. Details: Frequently Viewed Together, also from this Category, no Mosaic / Censor Nude Mod. Added: There were a few new strings that needed to be added for the Leaf Pile and a few others as well. Added: Lighthouse location, things you will find in this mod: Pregnancy buffs for teens, woohoo changed to "Risky Woohoo" Possible infertility Possible pregnancy difficulties All sims will have a different fertility level Increase in chances based on location Variety of flavors for each category Pregnancy.

I looked it as the sim having different levels of knowledge of the subject Hot Headed -Gets mad often so this is payback Alien Pollinator -Wants more of their kind in the universe Jealous -Their way of making the sim tied to them Player -Can't. Change Log: 8/20/18, added: All Languages have been added to Risky Woohoo. She still could get pregnant but its a lot less likely. All that has been put into the fertility percentage is done by random. These are percentages, meaning a pregnancy could happen the first time or it could take several times. As of now Fertility trait, Fertility Message and The Wishing Well will give a boost in fertility for the sim that has the buff.

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