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footballers for the film. But one can't help but admire the unpredictability of the director's vision, and the way in which he tackles a maligned genre in so straightforward a fashion. The next year, it was screened at film festivals, including the 2004 Jeonju International Film Festival. Her elder sister Ji-hyeon (Yu Seon a glass sculptor who has lost her voice due to a strange accident, presents her with a gift to enhance her self-image and perhaps boost her hopes for the future: a wig. The documentary and the show has intrigued and shocked the nation, and its title has since been unofficially canonized into the English language. Yu Seon, a TV actress with only a small role in The Uninvited to her feature credit, is given the more difficult role of the mute older sister. Autopsies reveal a capsule inside the stomach of each victim, containing a torn page from a diary of some sorts. It's not just the growing number of dead bodies, but the sickly innovative cruelty of the killing that breeds apprehension in Won-gyu ( Cha Seung-won a government investigator sent from the mainland to solve the case.

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One way to approach this film is to simply revel in the details. The When Harry Met Sally reference also felt awkward and forced. Rather than call the police, she carries him home. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance is ostensibly the final film in director Park Chan-wook 's "Revenge" trilogy that had begun with Sympathy for. Tale of Cinema, Im Sang-soo's, the President's Last Bang, and Lee Yoon-ki's, this Charming Girl providing much to talk about in addition to the above. Nam-soon ( Ha Ji-won - Phone, Sex Is Zero, and the TV Drama Damo ) and Ahn ( Ahn Sung-ki - It might be easier to say what film the exemplary Ahn has not been in, but let's just drop that he was the villain.